You’re ready to do it! Maybe you’re just thinking about it?  So now you’re doing your research about moving and buying a home. Here are the easiest and most basic steps of how to buy a house or property.

#1. Find a local agent.4 Simple Steps to Buying a House

There are a lot of people that get their real estate license just buy or sell their own home, however, by going with an amateur agent or someone that has just moved here, they may not know all of the details about certain neighborhoods, storm areas, commute times, traffic and construction, which can be big deals. My suggestion is to go with a real estate agent that is very proficient with the area and has been an agent of in the area for years. Before you even look at one home, find an agent that understands why you’re buying, where you’re coming from and your budget. Talk to them first and then get started on your budget, what you’re looking for and what you really want.

#2. Figure out what you want.

There are a lot of options to choose from, from townhouses to condominiums, high-rise apartments and beautiful estates and farms in Snohomish County. Of course, there are price ranges all over the board from $300,000 to well over $10 million, so you need to understand how much your budget is going to be and what you’re looking for. Knowing these two items we can narrow it down to a good list of some possible potential properties.

#3. Where are you going to work?

If you are retiring it doesn’t really matter except that you’ll probably want to be out of the major cities in some centrally located areas such as Arlington, Smokey Point, or Maltby. If you’re working in Seattle, you’ll want to consider traffic, construction, and commute. There’s always construction going on somewhere so consider your commute time and if you plan on driving or would like to live closer to your job.

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#4. What are you willing to tolerate.

Just as important as what you want is what you don’t want. What are you willing to tolerate because of something else? Fenced yard? Cul-de-sac street versus a busy one? Fireplace or no fireplace? Backyard kitchen? No HOA or an HOA with high fees?

Because I’ve lived here my whole life I know the different areas, communities and neighborhoods. By talking with you in understanding what you’re used to, what you’d like and your expectations we can narrow things down to a smaller list of the right homes at the right price. The very first thing is to start off by calling my office and answering some basic questions about your home expectations. I can help you get started either financing a home, looking at homes if you’re ready to buy and negotiating for the right terms and the right price. Call today to get started.