According to a recent article in Zillow, interior doors, walls, cabinets and vanities in shades of blues and grays actually sell for up to $5500 more than houses with bathrooms of other colors. You wouldn’t think that a $25 gallon of paint could make that much of a difference, but in a recent article about paint color analysis, homes with bathrooms painted in a powder blue or periwinkle shade sold for an average of $5400 more than any other color.

Neutral tones such as beige, warm browns or light hands can sell for about $3500 more than comparable homes in a different color. Still don’t think the color matters? You might be pleasantly surprised as to this article. Homes with front doors painted in shades of dark navy blue to slate gray sold for up to $1500 more.

Colors that tend to turn off buyers or put them off and actually could result in a lower sale price are those in yellow, marigold, terra-cotta, off-white or eggshell white, light pink, brick red, or medium brown or stucco colored. Every room, both the inside and the outside really makes a difference as to how much you could receive on the return on your investment. For instance, a blue dining room in pale blue or slate blue actually resulted in an average of nearly $2000 more versus a dining room that’s read, terra-cotta or brick-colored.

Blue and Gray Bathrooms Sell for $5,000 More!

A blue living room actually lowered the return by about $820 on average versus a living room in light beige, pale taupe oatmeal. These colors fetched up to $1800 more. For the outside of the home, grey-brown or what they now call ‘greige’, a mixture of gray and beige, averaged a $1500 price increase versus a nearly $2000 price decrease for exterior homes that were brown, taupe or stucco. Having a navy blue to dark gray or charcoal front door added nearly $1500 on average to the home price but it’s really the bathroom and the kitchen that we saw the biggest change.

In a bathroom, light blue to periwinkle fetched an average of $5400 higher than bathrooms that were white or off-white. White bathrooms actually fetched an average of $4000 less than list price.

Yellow kitchens are out but light blue and soft gray kitchens could give you a return of nearly $1800.

So, when it comes time to stage your home, all you might really need to do is pick up a few gallons of paint.

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