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Homes for Sale Monroe

Homes for Sale Monroe WA

Suburban cities like Monroe in the state of Washington have been experiencing a steady population growth over the years as people living in bigger cities like Seattle and other major cities in the Seattle metropolitan area and as a direct result of this trends, the residential real estate sector in commuter cities like Monroe is becoming more robust and attracting individuals and families. Monroe, WA real estate market is seeing more and more interest from people who are looking to live in less populated cities from where they can commute to their jobs in major cities and are also safe for themselves and their families.

If you are one of these individuals looking searching for homes for sale in Monroe, WA, we shall be taking a look at the city, its communities and reasons why you should be looking to invest in owning your own home in this growing bedroom community with great and affordable residential properties for sale. Read More About Monroe Below

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About Monroe, WA

Monroe is a commuter city in Snohomish county and it is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Seattle and about 33 miles from Seattle via the WA 522 route.

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The city is connected to other cities through two major routes which are US Highway 2 which links Monroe to cities like Snohomish and Everett and Highway 522 which connects the city to Woodinville and Seattle. As of 2018, the city was estimated to have a population of over 18,000 residents and that number is on the rise (albeit steadily) as more tech companies and big companies are opening up and employing people in the bigger, metropolitan cities. The city is quite diverse as it is home to people of different races and ethnicity.

One appeal about the city and why more people are searching for Monroe, WA homes for sale is because as a suburban town, Monroe offers private and relatively quiet neighborhoods that are perfect for individuals looking to start a family and also families with kids. Also, it is the perfect commuter town because of its proximity to cities like Redmond, Kirkland, Everett, and of course Seattle. People working jobs in these cities only have to endure an approximate 30 minutes commute to most of these cities, though it takes slightly more time to drive to Seattle; approximately 37-40 mins.

Monroe WA, Real Estate

It is important to note that most residents in Monroe own their own homes as opposed to renting an apartment or property, this is a clear indication that individuals who are moving to this city are happy with the livability of the city and cost of owning a home. Obviously when people are looking to go into the real estate market to buy their dream homes, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost of the homes that are available on sale. The real estate in Monroe majorly consist of 3-4-bedroom homes, the market is considerably diverse as there are also smaller 2-bedroom homes, studio apartments, and single-family homes. People who are in the market for homes for sale in Monroe WA have a wide variety of properties to pick from.

26469149485 037a1f097b wAccording to statics, when it comes to the cost of housing in Monroe, the median price for homes in the city is at $470k and $250 per square foot which when compared to the median cost of homes in Washington at approximately $430kand $237 per square foot is higher. However, comparing this to the median cost of homes in the bigger metropolitan cities like Seattle and Bellevue which is over $500k and $285 per square foot, buying a home in the city is way cheaper. However, given the economic outlook of most cities in Washington and the general outlook of the real estate market, and the number of new home constructions, these numbers are going to fall especially as more homeowners will be looking to sell their properties to improve cash flow or move to other locations.

Just like most other cities, the price of homes also differs depending on the neighborhoods that these properties where the homes are located. This means that there are properties available to people with varying budgets. Homes range from affordable that typically go sell for about $200k to the more expensive homes which could cost over $1m.

The more popular neighborhoods in Monroe are Arbor Heights, Downtown Monroe, Fryelands, Woods Creek, Woodruff, and a couple of others, in these neighborhoods, the price of homes are slightly higher.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Home in Monroe WA

  1. Family Friendly Monroe WA real estate market is very appealing to people who are looking to move away from the more populated cities where the cost of living is relatively higher to towns where this cost is lower. One reason why more families are investing in homes in Monroe (asides cost of living) is that people living in communities are friendly and well-knitted. Also, the crime rate in the city is relatively lower than in other cities in the state. Also, there, are a couple of great public schools like Sky Valley Education Center, Park Place Middle School, Fryelands Elementary School, Salem Woods Elementary, Monroe Highschool, and a couple of others offering great education to families in the area.
  2. Landscape/Scenery Monroe is a beautiful city and is one that nature lovers will love to live in because the scenery consists of mountainous terrains, nature parks, lakes and rivers, and others that are simply breathtaking. Most homes for sale in Monroe WA have a lot of space which is ideal for families looking to have a backyard space for kids to play in and garden enthusiasts
  3. Restaurants and Places to Go – Being a small town, Monroe residents have easy access to quality bars and restaurants where they can visit and enjoy various types of cuisines and brew. Also, from parks to zoos to museums and other attractions there is a wealth of places and activities (including the Evergreen state fair) for residents to visit and have fun at.

Whether you are looking to buy a home in Monroe for you and (or) your family or you are looking to invest in a residential property around 167th Ave SE – 132nd St SE to diversify your portfolio, you should talk to a business like ours with a lot of experience in Monroe WA real estate and let us find the ideal home for you. So, whatever your preference and budget are, trust to take on this challenge with you.

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