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Where to Begin When Buying a Home

If you’re planning to buy a new home, it’s vital to choose a real estate professional who is right for you. The agent you choose will guide you through both your home search and the purchase process. Everything will run more smoothly if you have an agent you like and trust, as well as someone with whom you feel comfortable.

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There are several factors to consider as you make your choice:

  • Is the agent easily accessible?
  • How long has the agent worked in your area?
  • Does the agent work full or part-time?
  • How long has the agent worked in real estate?
  • Is the agent a good listener?

Most of all, do you feel comfortable with the agent? Do your personalities mesh well? Your real estate agent will be a valuable asset as you buy your home, and it’s important you choose one who meets your needs.

Please visit my website to learn more about what I offer buyers; perhaps I’m the right real estate agent for you. You’ll also find a search option on my site that will allow you to look for homes with the features you want most. Feel free to give me a call or send an email. I’d be pleased to help you through the process of buying your new home.

3 Tips for a Great Home Buying Experience

These simple tips will help you find and purchase the home of your dreams more quickly and efficiently.

Keep your debt load to a minimum
Don’t make major purchases or incur any additional debt until after your purchase. Pay down credit cards and don’t apply for new ones. Remember, financial institutions evaluate your financial situation on your gross monthly income. Your total monthly house costs should not exceed 28 percent of your gross monthly income.

Be prepared to view new properties quickly
Sometimes homes sell quickly, so be ready to make fast decisions. Be accessible to change the terms.

Have instant access to your agent
Instant communication can mean the difference in purchasing the property of your choice.

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