Reason to Have Your Business's Carpets Cleaned

When running a business, things can get busy and details can get left behind. One detail that is often forgotten is the professional deep cleaning of office carpet. There are many reasons why getting the office carpet cleaned is important. We have put together just a few, read on to find out why it is so necessary to get your office carpets professionally cleaned.  

4 Reason to Have Your Business’s Carpets Cleaned

  • Appearance 

In the business world, appearance is very important. Making a stellar first impression to clientele sets the whole tone for how they will judge your business performance. A well taken care of office sends the message that you are on top of the little things so the big things will be taken care of as well. You want to create a comfortable and well taken care of setting to conduct business so that customers will want to stay and do business.  

  • Healthy Office and Fewer Sick Days 

Carpets are like a giant filter in your office space. When filters are not changed out often, they get overloaded and make the air around them worse than having no filter at all. Carpet attracts many different things in the air and from the bottom of shoes including allergens and germs that can cause illness.  As the gunk builds up in the carpet and it becomes overloaded it gets kicked up into the air and into respiratory systems making employees who spend significant amounts of time in the office ill and resulting in them calling in sick. Clean carpets = healthier environment = healthier employees.  

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  • Longer Lasting Carpet and Lower Cost 

Replacing the carpet in an office space is something you want to do as little as possible. Not only is it expensive to purchase new carpet, it takes time and labor hours. A carpet install requires the removal of everything in the room drastically limiting your business capacity until it is finished. When routine carpet cleanings are done within the recommended time frame, and routine daily care is properly done, carpet can last five to ten years longer and save much more money.  

  • Create a Better Environment for Employees and Increase Productivity 

This may sound a bit crazy, but a clean and well taken care of office actually increases the productivity of the employees. Many studies have been conducted about how a clean environment helps to lift the spirits, relieve stress, and increases the ability to focus. Studies have been conducted in not only the workplace, but in schools and private homes as well. Each time the study ends with the same results, the cleaner the environment the better the productivity.  

-Guest Post from: All Kleen Carpets, which offers commercial carpet cleaning in North Seattle and surrounding areas. Make an appointment online, it’s quick and easy or call us anytime. A Great Reason to Have Your Business’s Carpets Cleaned 

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