The sleek lines and steel accents of modern architecture aren’t for everybody, some people’s dream homes are a little more vintage. A historic home is a great way to get your hands dirty bringing a new life to an old building. But owning a home like this can be more than you bargained for if you don’t know what you are buying.  

5 Things to Know About Buying a Historic Home

North Everett is teeming with vintage and older homes and those along the waterfront are in high demand right now but it’s important to know a few things about an older home before being swept away by the charm of it. Here’s what to know about buying a historic home.


For one thing, owning a historical house comes with a lot of restrictions because of preservation easements. These are legal agreements between the owners (the ones who put the house up for preservation) and an organization. The easement determines what the owner wants to protect about the property and the organization ensures that new owners or outside influences change the house. 


Being the owner of a historical property means that you are getting a home with personality. They will also help you feel like you are leaving your mark on the city you are in. If you are new to the area, a historic house will give you a glimpse at what the city used to look like. And if you are a local, you are helping to protect a piece of your city.  


Even with all the personality, these types of houses are not for the faint-hearted. Big houses with old designs and furnishings often need a lot of repairs. Antiques often need specialists to work on them and will take longer in order to maintain historical integrity.  

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5 Things to Know About Buying a Historic HomeInspection

As with any home buying process, it is important to have someone inspect the property before buying. With older homes you have no idea what sort of trouble could be lurking in your walls or under the floorboards. But you are in luck, historic places will always have a big support group of people who want to see it preserved which means you have a network to talk to when things get rough.  


Buying a historic home is an investment but unlike newer homes when you start refurbishing you see results immediately. Scraping off old paint and polishing hardwood bring life back to your house. You can also rest easy knowing that your house will never lose its value; especially if it is located in a historic district where everyone wants to keep things the same.  

Once you have restored a vintage home to its former glory, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. But who knows, maybe you can find a home that someone else has already done all the work on! North Everett has all types of homes in all stages of restoration so whether you’re ready to take on a fixer-upper project, just add a few cosmetic touches to or would like a move-in ready home with all the upgrades complete, you can certainly find that in North Everett. Plus, it’s a great neighborhood and many homes have stunning views of the Puget Sound.

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Owning a historic home might be a project but it is something that is worth it in the end. When your house is done it will transport you back in time. Plus you can’t go wrong with hardwood floors and stone fireplaces.  

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